About Us

Rain City Burgers is a fun and friendly restaurant serving delicious burgers, fries and shakes. At Rain City Burgers we serve only fresh and natural beef patties with no added hormones, no antibiotics and 100% vegetarian fed diet.

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Rain City Burgers was open in June of 2010 with a mindset of serving an excellent burger using the freshest ingredients. The owners of RCB have been in the restaurant business for the past few years with a great passion of serving customers with quality burgers. The idea behind RCB is to provide wide range of quality burgers from beef, chicken, salmon, buffalo and vegetarian in the freshest possible way.

Besides our quality burgers, RCB also represents the city of Seattle and all its sports teams. We take a great pride of our local sports team and therefore most of our burgers are named after them. Upon arriving to RCB, you can expect great quality burgers, friendly customer service and great sports atmosphere. Let’s all be proud of our city and our teams. Thank you very much and we hope to serve you soon in the future.